How to Start A Blog? Basic Guide to Make Money Blogging

Dear viewers, you are most welcome to this blog post on our website. In this article, we are going to tell you about Starting A Blog and make money blogging. So, read out the following information attentively because you should not lose this golden chance.

What is Blogging?

Blogging is a part of digital marketing in which you create your own blog and publish content you’re your audience. Thus, blogging is a medium to turn your passion into profit. In blogging you have to monetize your blog using various methods like CPC based ads, Affiliate Offers, your own product and many more. All in all, we can say that blogging is a famous and interesting way to make money online.

How to Start A Blog

Starting a blog is very necessary. Before creating a blog, you have to choose a niche on which will you will write articles. The niche should not only be profitable, it should be according to your interest too because if you have no interest in writing in that niche, you will not be able to stand too long in blogging.

After choosing a particular niche, you have to find a domain name for your blog like Your domain should be short and easy to remember and if it points to your niche, it is good. You can search on Google regarding How to Choose a Perfect Domain Name for Blog. Now, purchase this domain name from a domain service provider like GoDaddy, Namecheap and many more. In addition, you will need a web hosting for your blog. Web hosting is a paid service which is offered by different providers. You can go for a free option as well which is called Blogger where you can host your blog for free. Now, customize your blog’s design like template, layout, user interface, mobile design etc. Make your blog user friendly because that will be the key to success in blogging.

Later then, you have to start publishing high quality and user friendly content on your blog because it is not possible to build audience without the content. And, if you don’t have a good audience, you will not be able to make money from your blog. For quality content, you should include videos, images within your written content so user can easily understand what you are trying to say them.

After you have enough traffic on your blog, you should monetize this traffic so you can make money through this blog. There are many ways to do it such as CPC Ads (Google Ads, Ads etc.), Affiliate Marketing (ClickBank, Amazon Affiliates, MaxBounty etc.), Product Selling, Ebook Selling, Promoting your own products and many others ways. Thus, blogging has a lot of opportunities for the monetization. Your earning depends on your blog’s niches, quality and quantity of your audience.

Hence, it was a basic, short and simple guide to make money blogging. If you want to get such type of updates, kindly bookmark our web portal and keep checking it on the regular basis.

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