How to Write High Quality Content to Rank #1 on Google

If you are a blogger and are worried about high ranking on Google, then you should read this article carefully because we have provided the formulae to get number rank for your post on Google. Google is continuously bringing updates for blogs and every update hits a lot of blog. Accordingly, these sites lose their traffics by average of 70%. Hence, it is huge down for those. Google loves its users and it doesn’t give value to those blogs who don’t focus on their users. However, manipulating Google’s content and search engine policies can result in decrease in rankings because grey and black hat techniques can give your good results in short terms but it won’t stay for long.

However, to get high rank on Google, you should focus on your content. Accordingly, following are the best practices that you should follow while writing the posts for your website or blog.

Selection of Keyword

First thing that process starts with is selecting a proper keyword. If you just started your blog, you should not choose the high competitive keyword because it will be very difficult for your new blog to outrank the older blogs which have high authorities. In that case, you should go for low competition keywords. The best way to reduce the competition for a keyword is using the long tail keywords. The best example to understand long tail keyword is here – For example, you are writing an article for a product “Redmi Note 7 Pro”. It will be difficult for a new blog to get high rank for this keyword. Hence, we have to reduce the competition by using “Redmi Note 7 Pro Reviews”, “Redmi Note 7 Pro Color Variants”, “Redmi Note 7 Pro Price” etc. It will reduce the competition and it will be easier to rank for this keyword instead the difficult keyword. For the keyword volume, you can use a free Keyword tool by Google which is called Google Keyword Planner. This tool can be found inside the Google Ads (Formerly Google Adwords) Account.

Gather Information

After the selection of a keyword, you have to start your research about that keyword so you can write a blog post on that. For this, you have to gather information about it. Put that keyword in Google Search and open all the top ranked posts to gather information about that keyword. Besides, you can see some videos, read books, newspapers etc. for going in deep about that topic. The more accurate and information post will you publish, your users will be interacted more with your blog and Google will notice your post as user friendly and you will start getting high rank on Google.

Add Related Media

While publishing your content, you should include required media like images, videos etc. within your post. Images are better for user experience instead the lengthy text because images creates enhancement for users. And, videos help decreasing the bounce rate which is a good sign for getting high rank on Google. In addition to this, you can also add table in your blog post to simply your content and provide better user experience. You just have to keep in mind as friendly as your content is for users, chances of your high ranking will be higher.

If you still have any query related to the topic, leave your doubts in the comment area below so we can help you.

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